The monitoring system is used by end users to control their units (vehicle fleet, machinery, employees, pets, etc.). 
Track is a line drawn on the map to show how a unit moved during the indicated period. 
Geofence, or geographical zone, is an area on the map that is important for user's tracking purposes and requires special attention.
The tracking system provides an opportunity to track a unit being on route and supposed to visit definite check points in predefined order.  
The system provides a possibility to create and manage the list of drivers working for you. 
The system provides the means to control passengers doing regular trips by special transport. 
Trailers refer to any kind of mechanisms attached to or driven by the main vehicle ('unit') and not having their own trackers or controllers. 
User is a person defined by its specific name (login) and password. 
A job is a set of actions to be performed on a predefined schedule. 
You can be notified about any unit activity that you consider significant. It can be speeding, location, sensors values, etc. 
In Tools, the features like Track Player, Distance, Area, Address, Routing, Hittest, Nearest units, and LBS Detector etc. 
Reports on the activity of a unit can be presented in the form of tables and graphs.
Locator is used to generate links and share the current location of your units.