• How GPS works?
    GPS uses a network of 24 satellites in staggered orbits around the Earth. At any time, from any location on the planet, four of these satellites are "visible” and are capable of receiving and sending signals. This means tracking devices can by used at any moment in time for vehicle tracking or as a people locator to track staff.

      Once the unit is installed, it will communicate with the 4 satellites and transmit the following information: latitude, longitude, altitude and time. The location data is transmitted via cellular modem to our server, where it is translated and placed on a "Google" street map to be viewed by you in your account.
  • Who need GPS Tracking?
    Any business that has a fleet of vehicles, farm, shipping, logistics, limousines, taxis, or construction equipment would benefit from the installation of GPS tracking devices. Not only are they extremely useful for vehicle tracking, they can be used as a people locator too.
  • Why you need GPS Tracking?
    Another extremely important application for GPS involves tracking stolen vehicles. With tracking devices installed, vehicles can be rapidly located and recovered, often within minutes of the theft. GPS technology has unlimited benefits and uses. No matter how small or large, a company only stands to profit by using the type of technology that GPS tracking offers.
  • How tracking can help you?

    Accounting - Your accounting department will benefit from the use of reports generated from your GLTrack website, not to mention the huge plus of cutting back on fuel consumption and overtime. Even the vehicles benefit from lower mileage and increased data on required maintenance.


    Customer Service - The use of the GLTrack GPS tracking system will make the jobs of your customer service staff easier and more streamlined. Your customers will benefit from increased accuracy, faster status reporting, detailed billing information, and fewer delays in arrival time. These are just a few of the ways your customers and your employees will enjoy GPS tracking.

    Dispatch –The GLTrack GPS tracking system will make it possible for dispatchers to send drivers to an increased number of jobs without the cost of hiring more drivers or purchasing more vehicles. Routing becomes easier and clearer resulting in increased accuracy, lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear on your vehicles, and so much more. The advantages to your dispatchers are valuable and immediate.


    Drivers/Account Receivables - Your drivers can supplement their work orders by verifying their time spent at appointments and job sites. This offers them a reliable way to track their progress and protects them (and you!) against customer complaints and billing disputes. A GPS tracking system will provide all the details necessary to show time of arrival, time spent at a site, and more!

    Sales Department - Clearer routing will promote the idea of increased sales by making it to more appointments throughout the course of a work day, increasing their volume and your bottom line. You will become knowledgeable in demonstrating ways that clients benefit, and your sales staff and their productivity can be monitored by your GPS tracking system.

    Upper Management - Increased efficiency saves time and money, which results in a larger return on your investment. Your customers will benefit from up to the minute information. These improve the image of your company and increase your customer base, too!

  • Where will GPS Trackers work?
    The GPS tracking device will work in every part of the world. If vehicle move out of home country, roaming service should be activated in the Data Sim cards used. In case of marine boats and ships, Satellite Service Package should be enabled for satellite trackers.
  • Is devices compatible with all vehicle? Including heavy vehicles?
    Yes, GLTrack is a universal solution that can be installed on any type of vehicle. This includes

    Class 1-3 passenger cars and light-duty trucks,
    Class 4-6 medium-duty and light-heavy duty trucks
    and Class 8 heavy-duty trucks.
  • Does the Hardware have a warranty?
    Yes. We will either replace or repair the trackers installed in your vehicle if the system proves to be defective in material or workmanship within one (1) year from the date of installation.
  • How often do you release updates?
    Very frequently. We release small tweaks and bug fixes daily and we blog about our larger updates which come out every week or two. We handle all the GLTrack updates, hosting and other IT headaches for you. All you have to do is use it, preferably with a smile :) We even make it easy to keep up with changes with email updates.
  • What if somebody tampers with the vehicle devices?
    The vehicle device has functions to alert you of such situations. If vehicle battery power is disconnected, it will send you a notification “Power disconnected”, “GSM / GPS Signal lost” etc.
  • Will the vehicle device run down the battery of the vehicle?
    No, it will not. The vehicle device consumes very little power and goes into sleep mode when it senses that the vehicle ignition has been switched off.
  • If I need technical support, is it easy to reach someone?
    Yes. GLTrack world-class Support Team is available via Skype or email (info@gltrack.com) Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. During, holidays we will respond within 24 hours.
  • If I need technical support, is it easy to reach someone?
    Yes. GLTrack world-class Support Team is available via Skype or email (info@gltrack.com) Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • How is this system different from a GPS navigation system?
    The technology behind these systems is essentially the same and GLTrack even provides GPS fleet management systems that integrate with commercial in-vehicle navigation as an option to consider. The GPS fleet management system is a business tool, which consists of vehicle units for your fleet and an online system for managing the fleet from your office. If you are also considering in-vehicle navigation, please discuss with us first so we can get you set up with a compatible system.
  • Can the Fleet Management System lower my car insurance?
    Yes, depending on your insurance company. The GLTrack is considered an Anti-Theft device. Most car insurance carriers offer policyholders a discount on their insurance premiums if cars are equipped with Anti-Theft devices. Check with your insurance company regarding discounts.
  • Do I have to be an IT Professional to work with GPS fleet management systems?
    If you have a working knowledge of online tools and are familiar with typical office spreadsheet and reporting tools, you will be able to use the GLTrack system with some initial training and support in the implementation and set up from our trained technical staff. And you will always have personal service and support from us as long as you are using the services and monitoring your vehicles through GLTrack.
  • What does the free trial include?
    The free trial allows us to evaluate the GLTrack software. We give you 15 days to implement the system and use it to see if it works for you. You have an option to buy our starter kit or provide your own tracker.